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Are you seeking legal help because you have gotten yourself in a really difficult situation? Maybe you didn't make the best choices, or maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time; however you came about your current situation, you need sound legal advice, and powerful representation:

Congratulations! You have found Draper Law Offices.

You are about to make the best choice of your life. (407) 624-5289

"At the Draper Law Office, you are not treated as a client; you are a friend. They are the friendliest people I have ever dealt with. Every time I called, all my questions were answered or if they could not answer at that time, they would call me back. If in the future I need their assistance, I would not hesitate to call on them." - Joseph Delucia, 01/12/2015

If you have found yourself accused of a drug charges, DUI, probation violation, driving with a suspended or revoked license, juvenile delinquency, sex crimes, theft, burglary or trespassing, the Draper Law Offices legal team is here to help. We have 32 years of legal knowledge, and experience behind us that will be working for you.

Perhaps even more importantly, we have the respect of the surrounding communities, and the courthouse judges. We will go in with you, and on your behalf, using our legal and professional, resources to come up with the best solution for your situation.

If you are innocent, we will make sure that everything is done to maintain your innocence.

If you are guilty beyond a doubt, we will do everything to make sure that the outcome has minimal impact on the rest of your life.

PLEASE do not try and face a criminal charge alone. Let our experienced team work for you! It is the rest of your life that Draper Law Offices is seeking to protect.

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